Tier Two | Growth


Subscribers pay a one-time fee of $1800 for 30 days of access to their own secure upload portal, up to 10 records of 1099 contractors can be uploaded to the portal for verification. Visual Reports are generated between 1 – 2 business days after upload.  Records can be uploaded throughout the month however, reports will be generated at the initial upload, again at 14 days and a final report at 30 days.

TIER TWO \ GROWTH INCLUDES: Group verification. Group verification allows the employer to see not only the individuals but the category of workers. Grouping workers like this can highlight problem areas and allow employers to make better decisions about how contractors are categorized going forward.

Additionally, this product offers the 30 minute phone consultation with an EDD professional in which you can ask questions, dig deeper and let our professionals walk you through your visual report.



Tier Two | Growth

$1,800/30 day access
SAVE $200
  • Up to ten (10) 1099 independent contractor reports
  • Includes group analysis. Create sub-groups of your workers to isolate similarities and differences among different contractors per group. Organize workers in groups by job category or other relevant factor
  • Speak with a professional (one 30-minute session): review your report with a Clear1099 professional to review data and highlight important insights in your report. (Clear1099 does not provide legal advice. Consult with your attorney.)
  • Order more reports if you have additional 1099 independent contractors ($200/report)
  •  Yearly price discounts available