Tier Three | All-Inclusive


The Tier Three All Inclusive plan is the service you need when you have many 1099 contractors and need 360 review of their roles as a group and individually on an ongoing basis.
With Three months of access to your secure upload portal and regular updates from our professionals, you will have teh data you need to make the best decisions about your contractors.
With the Tier Three All Inclusive plan you will get the comprehensive visual report, phone consultation, group analysis by role, category and individual, access to our resources and our researcher who can inquire about events such as Ex-Employee unemployment filings, which trigger EDD audits almost automatically. Many employers are unaware that EDD can release the claim information in those cases of a former 1099 who files a claim against your company.  Armed with the information, you can be prepared should EDD open an investigation.
Tier 3 subscribers receive updates and alerts during the 3 month access period, for contractor licenses which may expire during that time or have expired before.


Tier Three | All Inclusive

$6,500 / 90 day access
SAVE $1,000
  • Analyze up to thirty (25) 1099 independent contractors per month
  • Includes group analysis. Create sub-groups of your workers to isolate similarities and differences among different contractors per group. Organize workers in groups by job category or other relevant factor
  • Speak with a professional (one 60-minute session): review your report with a Clear1099 professional to review data and highlight important insights in your report. (not legal advice)
  • Updates and alerts. After your initial report is prepared, your contractor data is updated (once) monthly to alert you about changes to your 1099 independent contractors (i.e. change in license status, EIN, FBN, business entity, etc). Updates provided 2 weeks after initial reports are delivered. It is like getting a second report
  • Reasonable compensation data: if you are a business owner and have a corporation (S or C corporation), you are required to pay yourself a reasonable compensation. Review data to determine if you are paying yourself a reasonable compensation based on federal government requirements
  •  Access our resource library
  •  Access to research assistant
  •  Order more reports if you have additional 1099 independent contractors ($250/report)
  • EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT | Obtain unemployment claims with EDD or other state agency. (subject to sole discretion of EDD or other state agency if information will be disclosed) *Separate charge incurred per report ordered. Only available with Tier Three All Inclusive plan.
  • Yearly price discounts available