How It Works

From selecting the right plan to uploading the documents needed to generate a CLEAR1099 report, watch this short walk through and learn how easy it can be to verify your 1099 workers’ status. 


Step 1

Identify the number of 1099 workers whose classification is in question.

Step 2

Choose the plan that fits your needs

Step 3

Upload your documents to our secure portal

You will receive a welcome email with a link to your own secure portal. There you’ll upload your contractors’ prior 1099s or, in the case of new hires or 1099s whose filings have not been completed, fill out our form. 

Information you will need  

  • Worker’s Name

  • EIN or SSN

  • Business Name

  • Business Address

  • Website/ Additional contact information

Step 4

In 1 – 2 Business days your report will be ready to be downloaded from your secure portal. 

Step 5

If you have chosen a plan which includes support from our staff, one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your debrief and report walk-through. 

Our Company Mission

We are dedicated to excellence in business ethics and reporting. Our goal is to give you the data to make the right decisions and steer clear of CaliforniaEDD audits.

Our Vision

We believe in teamwork, dedication and perseverance. Our company prides itself on the precision required to verify facts and we stand behind our work and our team members. 

"We didn't want to hire a lawyer, we just wanted to verify our workers. CLEAR1099 gave us the details we needed. Now we feel prepared for anything EDD throws our way. "

Paula A. 

"After AB-5 we thought we would just convert all our 1099s to W-2s. Turns out many of them didn't want to be employees. CLEAR1099 helped us us identify those contractors who could stay on as 1099s."

Andrew M.

"EDD audits are intimidating and threatening. I didn't know we were being audited until EDD showed up at my home. CLEAR1099 would have given me important information, I wish I'd had it before EDD reached out. "

Shannon P.