EDD Audit Case study

When CA EDD did a site sweep, Ryan found himself facing a potentially catastrophic EDD Audit.

Expenses and contractors 1099 contractors

The Employment Development Department (EDD) has recently begun freezing unemployment debit cards due to suspected fraud.

EDD Audits of your 1099 contractors

California business owners are familiar with the ever-present threat of an EDD audit. EDD audits businesses for a variety of reasons.

Construction contractors and AB-5

Businesses with multiple 1099s may have inadvertently opened themselves up to EDD audit or investigation.

CA EDD Audit navigation

Dealing with EDD can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Working with a skilled EDD audit attorney can ensure you are properly represented as you take on this powerful government agency.

EDD Audits

Assembly Bill 5, which required companies to reclassify most independent contractors as employees, is hurting employees. 

Construction GCs how do you verify your 1099s

The primary goal of the California Employment Development Department is to investigate companies whose employees are potentially misclassified as contractors when they should be classified as employees.

Useful tips to verify your 1099s

Links to EDD, DOL and resources for AB-5 and other contractor 1099 classification guidelines.