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1099 Classification

Check the status of your 1099 independent contractors today.  Each Clear1099 report contains detailed information including verification of EIN and SSN, business location, business entity review, FBN review, website and social media data, professional license, and tax license.

Avoid costly problems by getting a Clear1099 Report before hiring your next independent contractor.

1099 Business Verification

Business Entity Status

Professional License Alerts

EIN Confirmation

Tax License Check

Web|Social Research


95% of Business Owners want to verify their 1099 contractors

* Based on our 2019 survey results

  • California Businesses with 1099 workers 63% 63%

More than 63% of California businesses have some portion of their workforce as 1099s


Increase in cost for a W-2 over a 1099

Instantly verify contractors

Don’t wait for California EDD to audit your business. Get the data, be prepared. 

Upload your 1099 contractor information to our secure portal and receive a comprehensive report. 

Our Features

Walk Through of the Clear1099 Process

Want to see the process in action? Watch our walk-through video –>

In this video you will walk through the simple 4 step process of assessing your needs, choosing your plan, uploading your documents, answering a few very simple questions and receiving your visual diagnostic report. 


Plans & Pricing

Take our quiz and see if your workers might be incorrectly classified. Then be certain by using the CLEAR1099 tool. 

Facts Rule

The Power of Information to Make Better Decisions

Construction Business Owners are at High Risk

California EDD will be looking for 1099 contractors who they feel should now be classified as W-2 workers.  Since AB-5 and the new Gig Work Bill businesses who work with outside contractors are particularly vulnerable. Use our tool to make the right decision BEFORE California EDD comes knocking. 

Not Every 1099 Needs to Be Reclassified

Throughout California, business owners are throwing their hands up since AB-5 and the Gig work bill.  No one can tell what California EDD will do so they’re reclassifying all contractors as employees. STOP. Use our tool and make an informed decision. 

Get Started Today!

You can take the steps to verify your contractors and make an informed decision as to how to react to the new criteria set forth by California EDD and Assembly Bill 5, “The Gig Work Bill”. Don’t assume anything. Get the facts. Clear1099 is your key to decision making clarity.